Robin Johnson (he/him)

Interactive fiction/narrative game developer/designer/writer
Available for freelance or permanent work

Hello! I'm a freelance game developer/designer and creative writer, with a particular interest in interactive fiction (IF) and other interactive writing, narrative and story-based games. I'm fascinated by the relationship between system and tool design and creative game design, and I'm fond of the deceptive power of comic and whimsical writing to tell emotionally powerful stories. I'm most at home doing creative work, especially in interactive writing, dialogue, or content creation, or in the space between development and design.

I'm looking for permanent or contract work. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and am happiest working remotely.

This site is my portfolio of games and other creative projects I've worked on, commercially and otherwise. For a prettier catalogue of my self-made games, aimed at players, see my itch page.

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