Not Games

Things I have written that aren't games. For things that are games, see Games

Stage plays

In a Handbag, Darkly

A surreal sequel to Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

  • cast: 5M* + 4F + puppeteer

    • * 4M is possible with doubling, but the doubled characters are frequently on stage together

Broken Holmes

An exploration of the dysfunctional relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. (Before it was cool!)

Stitched Up

A deconstruction of the Frankenstein story in its various incarnations, performed by characters from the novel and films.

Upper Lip

A parody of the farcical stories of P. G. Wodehouse.

Audio drama

Untrue Stories

A seasonal anthology drama in the same literary satire space as my stage plays. Currently streaming its first season, The Adventures of George Orwell and H. G. Wells, in which the two authors argue about tea, go time travelling and overthrow Western democracy.


I have a knack for rhyming nonsense and have occasionally been published, in such prestigious organs as Xenofilkia, a filk music zine, and Poetanoster, an anthology of poems lamenting the decommissioning of an elevator at Leicester University.